Wedding Dresses 101 - To Train Or Not to Train?



If you are planning a wedding like the late Princess Diana Spencer then a train is definitely part and parcel of your wedding gown. But if your wedding is not as grand or as formal then you might reconsider attaching a train to your gown.


It's wedding season once again and what could be more exciting than hosting a bridal shower for a friend, a close family member or an office mate who is finally saying goodbye to her single life. Bridal showers have always been informal occasions so don't worry about following some procedures or rules when hosting one. The first thing you have to consider when planning the event is how to make the bride to be happy in the company of her close friends.


Before you even start trying on those wedding dresses, stop for a minute and think about your own natural body shape. For you to look amazing in your dream wedding dress you need to buy a dress that compliments your body shape. Below are the main body types with the corresponding wedding dress styles that will help you look like a million dollars on your wedding day.